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Tree Trimming vs Tree Removal

The terms tree trimming and tree removal are actually similar terms used in horticulture. Trimming is a tree care service that involves selective removal of diseased, damaged or structurally unsound or undesirable branches, leaves, roots or buds. Trimming may be required either on young trees or on mature trees. A developing tree gets a strong structure and desirable form if properly trimmed at the right time. Tree removal involves the total removal of a tree for certain reasons:

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Roots Near Your Property


Foundation depth is important

 The shallow foundations of more mature buildings subside frequently in drought years because the less deep soils dry faster and the tree roots have better access. In the United States and particularly in the Midwest, full cellars or basements are common and it takes prolonged drought to dry these deeper subsoil’s sufficiently for the soil to shrink and cause major damage. Continue Reading →


Tree Services in Gainesville, FL

Tree Trimming

Large or small trimming jobs available at a fair price.  Tree decay and defects, power line obstruction, a better view or just allowing more sunshine are typical reasons for having your trees trimmed.  We correct faults in trees and make your home a safer place to live

Tree Removal

Tree removal is sometimes required to protect homes and buildings and possibly for the well being of surrounding trees.  When a tree is dying or dead or roots are impacting your foundation, pipes or sewers it is time for removal. Call (352) 359-9333 for a Free Quote.

Stump Grinding

We turn your unwanted stumps into useful mulch.  Our affordable rates are much more cost effective than renting a stump grinder.  We will get the job done safely and affordably. We specialize in both residential and commercial stump grinding.


Irwin's Tree Service

UF and City of Gainesville Compliant Service Provider


About Us

Irwin’s Tree Service is a family owned business started here in Gainesville, FL in 1990.
We specialize in preserving our beautiful trees here in “Tree City, U.S.A”

We are experts at residential tree care, offering creative pruning, concepts, raising tree canopies and removals when necessary. We have a lightweight lift to get into those tight areas without damaging existing lawn and landscapes.  It also removes the need to climb trees in most cases.  This eliminates the damage that climbing spikes can do to the tree cambium layer.  Trimming low limbs over roofs are also more easily trimmed properly, without removing the entire limb if it is not necessary.

We are a full service company offering stump removal, brush hauling and selective land clearing is available when needed.  Comptetitive pricing, attention to detail and quality work leads to happy customers – which is our main goal.  We love repeat customers and referrals to friends and family.  Our customers are important to us!




UF and City of Gainesville Compliant Service Provider


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Tree Trimming and Tree Removal Services in Gainesville, FL

Finding a reliable tree service in Gainesville, FL to perform tree trimming and tree removal can be quite a challenge.  If the  company is not experienced or professional, they could leave your trees and landscaping looking quite unpleasant. Even worse, they could cause major damage to your property.

Why not pick a company that has been in the tree services industry in Gainesville for over 20 years & always has customer satisfaction in mind? Irwin’s Tree Service tailors to every aspect of residential and commercial tree care in Gainesville, FL.  We stand behind our services and our references can speak for themselves. Our highly trained tree professionals are proud to offer Gainesville expert and affordable tree removal using modern tree pruning techniques and safe tree removal.

Irwin's Tree Service


UF and City of Gainesville Compliant Service Provider

Irwin's Tree Service

Fully Licensed to Work in Gainesville, FL?

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Over 20 Years Service in Gainesville?

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Irwin's Tree Service

Irwin's Tree Service


Why Choose Irwin's Tree Service?

Trimming and removing trees is very dangerous work. The larger the tree, typically, the more difficult the pruning or removal. The experts at Irwin’s Tree Service combine years of expertise with state of the art equipment to keep your tree services project on budget and on time.

Customer Testimonial

If you want honest and quality service, this is the one to call.
Could not be happier with the work he has done for us!
Will never call anyone else.

~ Claudia K. from Millhopper Station