Tree Trimming vs Tree Removal

The terms tree trimming and tree removal are actually similar terms used in horticulture. Trimming is a tree care service that involves selective removal of diseased, damaged or structurally unsound or undesirable branches, leaves, roots or buds. Trimming may be required either on young trees or on mature trees. A developing tree gets a strong structure and desirable form if properly trimmed at the right time. Tree removal involves the total removal of a tree for certain reasons:

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Roots Near Your Property


Foundation depth is important

 The shallow foundations of more mature buildings subside frequently in drought years because the less deep soils dry faster and the tree roots have better access. In the United States and particularly in the Midwest, full cellars or basements are common and it takes prolonged drought to dry these deeper subsoil’s sufficiently for the soil to shrink and cause major damage. Continue Reading →